Prince William Sound Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Considered one of the most beautiful places you could ever want to visit, Prince William Sound Chugach is one of the largest state parks in the country. It is one of the most accessible natural areas for visitors. It is situated in the mountains surrounding the Prince William Sound. This includes the Kenai Peninsula and the Copper River delta.

The Chugach National forest comprises vast shorelines, forests, and rivers. The massive glaciers are a sight to behold. Most of these natural phenomena are untouched by human influence, such as road and trails.

3 Ways to Experience Chugach National Forest

Being in Alaska you experience all the senses of thrill and the rush of adrenalin. There so many ways to enjoy your outdoors in Chugach:

Extraordinary Scenery

For the outdoor enthusiast, Chugach can be very sensational and dramatic to explore. From the beautiful sight of the Blue Mountains, the Chugach state park is an expansive land mass of wilderness.

Along the trails, you can watch dozens of moose. You are gladly able to see and watch both brown and black bears moving confidently in the park. If you use your binoculars, it is easy to spot the ever elusive wolves.

Chugach landscape and water sources are a recipe for many activities. From Hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking, there is a whole fusion of the wild and fun that you could ever dream of.


If you want to go hiking, there are some of the most recommended hikes that offer the best mountain views. Starting at the Eielson visitors center, you are assured of one of the most unbeaten trails to view Denali, previously known as Mt.McKinley.This trail is spectacularly maintained and covering a distance of 33 miles from the mountain’s summit.

Another recommended trail is the Lost Lake Trail on the Kenai Peninsula, which is accessible at Mile 5 along the Seward highway. This trail is also a suggested way -through where you can see the Alaskan wildlife, mostly the brown and black bears.


Considered to be among the best adventures in the Alaskan waters, sea kayaking activities can mostly be carried out on the northern side of Chugach. There you will have an amazing kayaking experience on the glacial lakes. Ensure that you are in the best physical frame because sometimes kayaking can be quite strenuous. There are two-person expedition-style boats that you can use. For 2-3 hour distances covering about 5-12 mile per day, you are allowed in-between breaks out of the boat. Anybody can go kayaking; you do not need previous experience to undertake this activity. For options, the Malibu company manufacturers great kayaks.

Other activities Chugach include camping, fishing, and biking. Special areas for camping are available. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to bring their own backpacking-style tents and sleeping bags. If not, you can pay a minimum maintenance fee from Alaskan Geographic for camping gear.

Meals are prepared and served at the camp, family style. There are plenty and variety of snacks to enjoy, too.

Indeed, if you want to make the best of your winter experience, Prince William Sound Chugach National forest is one of the most amazing places to visit. The cool and beautiful scenery, wild animals, water adventures. What more could really want?