Point 65 Tequila Kayak – Effortless & Comfortable Modular Kayak?

tequila gtx tandem

The Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak (also referred to as Point 65 Tequila Kayak) is the new revolutionary kayak from master creator Point 65N Modular Kayaks.  Such kayaks are known as modular kayaks: they not only save space, but are very easy to carry, which makes them a beloved product for any kayaker.

The Point 65 Tequila Kayak is the perfect kayak for the modern,  packing in a lot of useful features and being a bestseller in its category. This is the perfect kayak, whether you are out to relax, fish, or exercise.

With that said, welcome to our Point 65 Tequila Kayak review:

Quick Overview of the Point 65 Tequila Kayak

The tandem Point 65 Tequila Kayak is the perfect combination of form and function. It features a Snap-Tap modular system which allows you to just snap parts together to transform them all into a full kayak.

If you have company, then simply attach the extra mid-section seat, all in a matter of seconds. It is the ideal mix of simplicity, comfort and style. The Point 65 Tequila Kayak also features a new tracking keel which keeps it in a straight line while paddling.

people enjoying point 65 tequila gtx modular kayaks

The Point 65 Tequila Kayak is a strong, high-performance, and stable sit-on-top kayak. It has been specifically crafted for stability, durability, high maneuverability and great tracking.

The6Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak features an open cockpit with super comfortable AIR seats, which can be adjusted using the pneumatically adjustable backrest. It also features good rear storage with excellent drainage. Hence, it is one of the best kayaks in its category available on the market.

Is The Point 65 Tequila Kayak Construction Safe For a Modular Kayak?

The modular tandem Point 65 Tequila Kayak has been carefully crafted from ultra durable UV-resistant polyethylene plastic, so it is very lightweight and will resist fading, scratches and marks. Constructed in a modular fashion using the patented Snap-Tap system, this kayak allows the user to customize it in a way that is suitable to their needs.

The user can take all the pieces apart and store it in a considerably smaller space. When needed, the user can just snap the front and rear pieces together and the kayak is ready for use in a matter of seconds.

modular pieces of the tequila point 65

Moreover, if you have company, you can attach the extra mid-section which allows two riders to ride in tandem. It also features the super-comfortable AIR seats which come with a pneumatically adjustable padded backrest. This makes using the modular Point 65 Tequila Kayak for long hours a very comfortable experience.

There are four step foot rests so that anyone, whether tall or short, can enjoy it without any problem. The Point 65 Tequila Kayak has drainage holes in the foot rests, in the seat and in the storage well, which help a lot to keep you and your gear dry.

What Makes The Point 65 Tequila Kayak Special?

The patented Snap-Tap system makes the Point 65 Tequila kayak very special, because you can disassemble it and keep it in a box for storage. It also allows you to carry it with great ease down to the water by way of integrated carrying handles. This modular kayak can be assembled it in a matter of seconds, which is a very special feature if you are eager to start paddling.

The innovative and ultra-comfortable AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrests ensure that you enjoy your time on the water with ease for long hours without hurting your back. The Point 65 Tequila, because of its spectacular design, can work quite effectively on a lake, river and even on the open ocean.

Is There Ample Storage In The Point65 Tequila Modular Kayak?

The Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak provides ample storage for all of your gear. The storage well  is spacious enough and the drainage holes keep everything dry. You would be able to fit your backpack and a couple of extra clothes in it without any trouble. Point 65 Tequila Kayak comes rigged with a shock proof cable which ensures that your gear/personal belongings won’t fall out. It also features cup holders, a recess for a water bottle,  and a paddle park.

Storing this modular kayak is very easy for everyone. It’s so compact, once disassembled, that you can keep it in a closet without any trouble. Also, since it is very lightweight, there should be no difficulty in transferring it from one place to another in a car.


  • Snap-Tap modular system makes it very easy to store and assemble
  • Easy transition between solo or tandem combination
  • Ultra-comfortable AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrests make for a very comfortable paddling experience
  • Point 65 Tequila Kayak is lightweight, durable and very sturdy
  • Great stability, tracking and high-performance
  • 4 step footrests which accommodates people of all heights
  • Works well on river, lake and other bodies of water


  • The cost of the Point 65 Tequila Kayak is a bit more than a non-modular kayak

Should You Purchase the Point 65 Tequila Kayak?

All in all, the Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak is the perfect kayak to use in any situation, customized to almost all uses. It is easy to carry, comfortable, sturdy and durable.

Overall, the Point 65 Tequila Kayak is one modular kayak that cannot be easily beat!  Hopefully our Point 65 Tequila Kayak review covers everything but if you have questions, contact us ?