Malibu Kayaks

The guys over at Malibu Kayaks like to color outside the lines. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of kayaking, they’ve been out there on the front lines, and have been doing so since the beginning. Their creed is founded on taking things to the next level with a keen eye on perfection, and these are principles seem to have guided them along every step of the way.

They come from humble beginnings as kayak retailers, but as they studied the market in this role they came to the realization that paddlers weren’t being offered the sort of variety they deserved. Every kayak was sort of the same, and so they decided to do something about this and began manufacturing kayaks themselves. The outfit began producing kayaks that were higher quality, better performing, and quite simply looked better than anything else out there, keeping in mind that every paddler is unique and deserves a kayak that reflects their particular passion, abilities, region, and aesthetic.

How Malibu Kayaks Got Started…

Malibu Kayaks started out in 1999 with the launch of the Pro Explorer, and the wild success this had across the nation convinced them that the world hungered for more of the same – and they were just the guys to give it to them.

All of their kayaks since then have sought to push the envelope a little forward, from the Pro Explorer Extreme, X-Factor, Mini-X, Sierra 10, all the way to the Ranger 15.1 & 15.2. They’ve all come to set the industry standard in innovation and world-class performance. Fans have come to expect the best from Malibu Kayaks, and they don’t seem likely to let them down any time soon.

By bridging the gap between canoe and kayak fun on the water, they’ve opened up the world to a lot of people who wouldn’t have experienced it otherwise. Retailers who stock their kayaks all have great things to say about them as well, as their lifetime warranties are pretty much considered to be the most dependable in the industry. All their kayaks are rigorously checked for manufacturing defects and seaworthiness before getting to the public.

With a presence on the shelf of any of the hundreds of reputable US dealers or any of their key outlets across the globe, Malibu Kayaks is truly bringing people closer to the waters. The company’s cutting-edge designs, unmatched quality standards, and their overall understanding of what their customers are looking for in a kayak place them in a great position to continue providing recreational paddlers and kayak anglers with endless adventures, unforgettable moments, and the most serene travels they could wish for.

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