Does the Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem Kayak Serve Fishers Well?

Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem Fish & Dive 2 Person Kayak Overview

Length: 13”
Width: 33”
Depth: 11.5”
Hull Weight: 57lbs
Maximum Capacity: 550lbs
Type: Hardshell | Recreational, Fishing, Diving.

The Malibu Kayak Pro Tandem is a desirable 2 person kayak (hold on to your horses: we will discuss the desirable part!)  And yes, this is a fish and dive Malibu tandem kayak, which is super cool, because hey, maybe you are looking for something that specific.  Let’s continue!

It is designed for paddling in the ocean and lakes fit for riders of all ages and suits every rider’s skill level. One has the option of choosing from the assorted colours which include; Mango, stone, Sand, Lime , Winter, Dessert and Midnight.

Its two-seater capability provides you with that awesome couple or friendship kayaking experience, far much better than a one man kayak.

With the 3 available packages during purchase, one can customize their kayak to either, standard kayak, recreational kayak or the fish and dive kayak package.

How Does the Malibu Tandem Kayak Build Hold Up?

The Malibu Tandem Kayak offers both speed and stability for all the paddler’s choice and comfort. For recreational purposes, this will give you that speedy exhilarating experience you are seeking. It includes ample bow storage a patented low profile Gator Hatch child’s seat very useful for the day you decide to take the child out for a ride, a centre hatch with a bag, side carry and paddle holders and a large open rear well.

The Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem makes a great platform for fishing, diving, and recreational paddling for all people. Its features include; Bow and Stem handlers, Single carry Handles with paddler holders, Moulded footrests, Eyelets and bungee storage and drain plug for all your fishing needs to ensure you do not pile up water in your Kayak as you fish.  Let’s take a look at this kayak in action:

The recreational Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem contains all of the above features plus a centre rectangular hatch with a bag and a front 9” round hatch with a bucket.

Other than the above, this Malibu Sit-On-Top Tandem kayak comes pack with a round rear hatch with a bucket and 2 front, two center, and two rear fish mound rod holders. It has the large rectangular hatch and an 8″ round hatch in the front. It is slightly narrower and lighter than some other popular paddle-tandems ( e.g WS Tarpon 130T, Ocean Kayak Malibu 2.)

The Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem comprises of pleasant features of paddler three 8″ hatches with cat bags, and a huge rectangular hatch can stores 2 pfds, 2 paddles, fishing rods, gear, etc. and whatever else you chose to take with you. Most other tandems can’t match this boat’s in-hull storage.

Does the Malibu Pro 2 Kayak Maneuver Well?

The Malibu Kayak Pro 2 Tandem is anywhere from 2-4″ narrower than most boats in the class meaning that it may not be as stable as others. This is one of the lightest tandems on the market. The length is not too long (about 9 ft.) like some other tandems which make it hard to lift on and off your roof rack and to transport on land.

However,the narrowness makes this Malibu tandem kayak faster and more convenient for the person seeking speed. This is especially applicable for the individual seeking a great fishing experience, or the one seeking to go snorkelling or diving.

Does the Malibu 2 Person Kayak Have More Pros Than Cons?

If you’re a person who wants to camp out for a long time, the Malibu Kayak Pro 2 tandem is not the boat for you. If you wish to traverse the globe, the Malibu Pro 2 Person Kayak isn’t the boat for you either. If you aren’t a person that likes to get dirty, then this hull will not meet your needs. However, if you are looking for a relatively light tandem that performs different tasks very well, then this boat should certainly be on your list of favourites. Also, the storage space is phenomenal.

It is not very user friendly for persons that are six foot taller or more as it has very poor leg room. It is not very conducive for paddling solo as the front set makes it bow heavy while the back set puts the bow in the air. Its ability to sit two person’s at the same time makes it the perfect choice for honeymooning couples seeking a great experience, best friends seeking to connect etc…

Is the Malibu Tandem Fish & Dive 2 Person Kayak For YOU?

If you wish to have a solid kayaking experience, one that fits in your holiday plans or one that should give you a great summer experience, then the Kayak Pro 2 Tandem will serve you well. This kayak is a great option for those seeking fishing experiences with decent storage space.