Hobie Mirage Outfitter Kayak – Can This Tandem Be Peddled?

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak Specifications

Weight: 90 lbs
Dimensions: 12’8” L x 34” W x 18” H
Type: Hard-Shell | Fishing Kayak

The Hobie Mirage Tandem Kayak is one of the better tandem kayaks that gives high stability and maneuverability for one or two people in ponds, lakes and slow rivers. Propelling this kayak is quite simple since it has the mirage drive option that allows the kayaker to peddle the kayak instead of paddling. This hands-free navigation option gives you the opportunity to handle other activities such as bird-watching, fishing, photography or eating anything you want.

Alternatively, the paddles are placed at a convenient place for fast retrieval anytime you need them. The outfitter has plenty of space that allows you to carry some drinks and fish if you go out fishing. All these and much more in this review such as Build and Unique features makes the Hobie Mirage 2 person kayak a perfect choice for couples, solo kayakers, and families.

Features of the Hobie Mirage Kayak

Is the Hobie Mirage’s Build Sturdy?

The Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem Kayak is made of roto-molded polyethylene making it long lasting and durable. Polyethylene plastic is hard to crack making it reliable when pulling the kayak up to the shoreline or bumping into debris in the bay area.

The Hobie Mirage 2 person kayak has a “V” shaped bow and a wide hull. The bow allows it to easily cut through the water while the wide hull gives it stability required to navigate through ocean currents and small cataracts.

Does the Hobie Tandem Kayak Maneuver Well? Is It Stable?

The 34-inch wide hull makes tracking a little difficult in water currents and sea storm. However, the rudder makes it easy for the kayak to stay on course especially when peddling.

This feature makes the Hobie Tandem Kayak very stable and safe when peddling. Unlike other foot-powered kayaks, it doesn’t have any signs of wobbling or tipping. This makes it the safest option both for beginners and experienced kayakers.

What About Storing This Hobie Mirage Tandem Kayak?

The Hobie Mirage Outfitter 2 person kayak can be easily stored in the garage. The hard polyethylene plastic body makes this easy since the other tools cannot easily damage it in the garage.

Unique Features of the Hobie Mirage 2 Person Kayak

Enough! Is the Mirage Outfitter Comfortable to Use?

The Hobie Mirage 2 person Kayak has padded seats that are easily adjustable into three different heights as per the peddlers’ needs – this makes it very comfortable to the kayakers.

The seats have built-in drink holders and easy access to a utility tray making it even sleeker. Additionally, the kayak can recline while fishing or bird watching to give ultimate comfort to the kayaker.

Do the Specs Hold?

This kayak has the following unique features that make it outstanding compared to other similar kayaks.

  • Has a maximum carrying capacity of 425 lbs
  • Fitted hull weight of 90 lbs. and fully rigged weight of 121.5 lbs
  • Has a carrying capacity of 1-2 persons
  • Padeye XL
  • The hull is made of rotomolded polyethylene.
  • Has two-piece paddles and on-hull storage
  • Four molded-in rod holders
  • Two mesh-covered stowage pockets
  • Vantage CT seating
  • Dual steering
  • Two Mirage Drive ST Fins
  • Three 8” Swist and Seal Hatches
  • Twist and Stow Rudder
  • Sail mount

How Much Weight Can the Hobie Mirage 2 Person Kayak Hold?

This kayak is 12.8 feet long. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 425 pounds and is specifically designed for a maximum of two riders. This leaves it with some additional carrying capacity and space to carry fish, camping gear, and fishing gear.

Pros and Cons of Owning This Beautiful Tandem Kayak!


1. The Hobie Mirage 2 person kayak is stable and safe. This makes it the best choice both for recreational and fishing purposes. Additionally, it is not affected by storm and ocean currents.

2. It has several steering options to choose from. These ranges from paddling, peddling and sailing using the optional sailing kit that can be easily installed when required.

3. It has a twist and stow rudder making steering easy.

4. It comes in five different colors i.e. Olive, Ivory Dune, Red Hibiscus, Golden Papaya and Caribbean Blue. This gives one the freedom to choose a color that suits their requirements.


1. It is relatively heavy. The fully rigged weight of 121 pounds is relatively heavy for a single kayaker to carry alone while getting it into water or to the vehicle. As a result, one requires a kayak cart to transport it to the vehicle or to the water.

2. The big size is relatively bothersome. This kayak will not fit into the back of an SUV. As a result, it should be transported on top of the vehicle. To do so, a kayak rack is required. Storage is also a problem due to the kayak’s big size.

Should You Invest in the Hobie Mirage Two Person Kayak?

The Hobie Tandem Kayak is easily controlled by one person or two people using the various steering modes making it hard to get tired. Switching between the steering modes is simple and fast.

Additionally, it has enough space to carry some additional stuff to make the adventure even more fun, making it a solid purchase for a fun loving kayaker!  Don’t forget to check out some other cool tandem kayaks that have made our Top Eleven 2 Person Kayaks!