Prince William Sound Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Considered one of the most beautiful places you could ever want to visit, Prince William Sound Chugach is one of the largest state parks in the country. It is one of the most accessible natural areas for visitors. It is situated in the mountains surrounding the Prince William Sound. This includes the Kenai Peninsula and the Copper River delta.

The Chugach National forest comprises vast shorelines, forests, and rivers. The massive glaciers are a sight to behold. Most of these natural phenomena are untouched by human influence, such as road and trails.

3 Ways to Experience Chugach National Forest

Being in Alaska you experience all the senses of thrill and the rush of adrenalin. There so many ways to enjoy your outdoors in Chugach:

Extraordinary Scenery

For the outdoor enthusiast, Chugach can be very sensational and dramatic to explore. From the beautiful sight of the Blue Mountains, the Chugach state park is an expansive land mass of wilderness.

Along the trails, you can watch dozens of moose. You are gladly able to see and watch both brown and black bears moving confidently in the park. If you use your binoculars, it is easy to spot the ever elusive wolves.

Chugach landscape and water sources are a recipe for many activities. From Hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking, there is a whole fusion of the wild and fun that you could ever dream of.


If you want to go hiking, there are some of the most recommended hikes that offer the best mountain views. Starting at the Eielson visitors center, you are assured of one of the most unbeaten trails to view Denali, previously known as Mt.McKinley.This trail is spectacularly maintained and covering a distance of 33 miles from the mountain’s summit.

Another recommended trail is the Lost Lake Trail on the Kenai Peninsula, which is accessible at Mile 5 along the Seward highway. This trail is also a suggested way -through where you can see the Alaskan wildlife, mostly the brown and black bears.


Considered to be among the best adventures in the Alaskan waters, sea kayaking activities can mostly be carried out on the northern side of Chugach. There you will have an amazing kayaking experience on the glacial lakes. Ensure that you are in the best physical frame because sometimes kayaking can be quite strenuous. There are two-person expedition-style boats that you can use. For 2-3 hour distances covering about 5-12 mile per day, you are allowed in-between breaks out of the boat. Anybody can go kayaking; you do not need previous experience to undertake this activity. For options, the Malibu company manufacturers great kayaks.

Other activities Chugach include camping, fishing, and biking. Special areas for camping are available. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to bring their own backpacking-style tents and sleeping bags. If not, you can pay a minimum maintenance fee from Alaskan Geographic for camping gear.

Meals are prepared and served at the camp, family style. There are plenty and variety of snacks to enjoy, too.

Indeed, if you want to make the best of your winter experience, Prince William Sound Chugach National forest is one of the most amazing places to visit. The cool and beautiful scenery, wild animals, water adventures. What more could really want?

The Complete Kayaking Safety Guide!

Kayaking is an amazing activity that keeps you mentally as well as physically fit. However, if things go wrong while you’re in the water, the situation can become extremely serious very fast. Fortunately, with the necessary precautions and safety tips, it is remarkably safe and enjoyable.

With the adequate paddling and navigational skills, you can enjoy Kayaking to your heart’s content. Accidents can happen to any Kayak Angler. You can follow the safety tips listed below to be as safe as possible:

#1. Avoid Going Alone

It is always better to go in groups and let your family or friends know your exact location. You can ping them your location using any Instant Messaging application.

#2. Learn About Wind And Currents

Avoid Kayaking on windy days as it can slow you down and make it very difficult for you to take turns. You should also avoid Kayaking in foggy conditions as you will get disoriented.

It is also better to avoid kayaking in the strong currents and always be aware of the weather conditions.

#3. Learn Everything About Hypothermia

Before you go Kayaking, learn about the conditions in the area. Wear appropriate clothing and insulating clothes while kayaking in the cold water. Dress according to to the temperature of the water and remember that hypothermia is a great risk for the sea kayakers.

#4. Inflatable PFDs

The inflatable PFDs inflate automatically when they hit the water. You can also blow air into them manually but you should go for the ones that inflate automatically. They can prove to be life-saving if you meet an accident and become unconscious. Even if you’re not required to wear your PFD by law, you should still wear it.

#5. Kayak Whistles

Make sure you keep your whistles on you all the time. You can attach the whistles to your lanyard or life vest.

#6. Lights

It is important for you to be visible at night or during the low-light conditions. Try to avoid putting green or red lights on your Kayak as Kayaks are not capable of clearing the way for the power-driven vehicles. Red or Green lights can confuse the other vehicles on the water.

You can use the white lights for proper signaling.

#7. Visual Distress Signals(VDS)

Beside the lightings, you should have night signals when operating Kayaks at night. Make sure you keep at least three VDS for emergency situations. You can use the electric lights, red meteors, and red flares. Make sure that any of the VDS you use is not expired.

#8. Visibility During Daytime

If you’re on a small kayak that cannot move very quickly, it can be difficult for other boats to spot you. If you are kayaking in the high traffic areas, you can use a bright colored flag. You should position it well above your height. Don’t confuse this flag with a VDS.

#9. Kayak Color

The colors of your kayak and the paddle can be extremely helpful to increase your visibility. Bright colors on your paddles and the kayak are quite important for your safety.

#10. Rain Gear

Be prepared to get wet when you go Kayaking whether it is raining or not. Use proper rain gear to keep any excess water off you. The rain gear will also work as a wind blocker and keep you warm during the breezy days.

#11. Handheld Radios

In the remote areas, you might not get signals on your cell phones. You can use the handheld radios with the people nearby if you need any help. Make sure that you buy a waterproof one.

#12. First Aid Kit

The first-aid can be very useful in dealing with an abrasion or a cut while kayaking. Saltwater can carry the bacteria that may cause infection if your cuts remain untreated. At a minimum, make sure carry band-aids, antibiotic wipes, antibiotic ointment, a waterproof tape and pain relievers.

Final Thoughts

No matter how experienced kayaker or how safe the area is, accidents can happen anytime. You will always be grateful to yourself for carrying the necessary kayak items with you during the trip.

Make sure you follow the safety tips and carry the safety equipment with you to keep yourself safe. Always wear the PFDs that can inflate automatically whether you need to wear them by law or not. Carry the lights, VDS, first-aid kits with you during the trips. Educate yourself about the currents and the weather conditions.

For quality, durable kayaks, check out our Malibu company page for tandem options or the phenomenal single person foldable option by Oru Company.

Difference Between A Canoe And A Kayak

Many people can’t differentiate between a canoe and a kayak. In fact, quite a number confuse or interchange the names and due to this, they make a wrong choice. Yes, both are water vessels and are fit for recreational activities, exploring the wild, and adventure seeking.

However, they are structurally and functionally different. The following are the main differences:

1. Cockpit and Profile

The cockpit of a canoe is completely open and this provides more space for an extra person or luggage. It’s also easier to climb into and get out. You can paddle the unit while bending your knees or in a sitting position. A kayak, on the other hand, has a closed cockpit which allows your legs to slip in and lie flat. And due to the design, it can hold a small amount of luggage and access to the belongings, getting in/out is a little difficulty compared to a canoe.

Kayaks usually sit much lower in the water and have a narrower shape. This minimizes drag and makes it more streamlined. Contrary to what many people think, you can still find a kayak that sits 2 or more people. A canoe sits much higher and this increases drag while improving buoyancy.

2. Shape and Material

Kayaks have a narrow and more rounded shape at the front and back, and this makes them move faster in water and also easier to maneuver. Also, you can turn it back on its belly in case it tops over much easily compared to a canoe. Canoes feature a flatter belly which improves stability but affects performance. They are also less-likely to overturn compared to a kayak.

Kayaks have traditionally been made of sealskin and whale fat although materials such as plastic and fiberglass are being used today. Canoes normally are made from lightweight metal such as aluminum and stainless steel. This gives it strength and durability and capacity. Because of their slimmer profile and lighter materials, kayaks are easier to carry compared to canoes.

3. Paddle Blades and area of use

The Kayak’s paddle features two blades which improve maneuverability and agility whereas the canoe’s paddle has a single blade which suits it more for easier rowing and exploration. Kayaks can handle rough waters better than kayaks and this suits them for many recreational activities such as fishing, whitewater, sea and more. Canoes are better for use in calmer waters such as slow-flowing rivers, lakes, and exploration.

If you want to travel light then a kayak is more suitable. However, if you want your spouse, kids, and dog or carry more stuff then a canoe is more ideal.

NB: While kayaks offer speed, nimbleness, and maneuverability, canoes on the other hand focus on capacity, stability, endurance, and durability. The physical differences determine how and when to use a chosen product.

If you are looking for recommendations on a tandem kayak, look no further than Malibu kayaks for quality!

In Conclusion

Understanding the differences is key to identifying the right vessel. The last thing you can imagine is buying a canoe only to realize later that a kayak would have been better or vice versa. You also need to look at other things like area of use, future needs, and individual preferences. After reading this article, differentiating and choosing the right canoe or kayak should be easier.

Take A Rejuvenating Trip to Juniper Run, Florida

Just picture the view – a narrow, winding river. A warm glow burns through the green, hanging canopy. The leaves sway with the wind and drag along the water’s glassy surface. This is Juniper Run, a beautifully sequestered canoe and kayaking run in Florida’s Ocala National Forest. The water stretches for a magnificent seven miles and offers excellent kayaking all the way up, beginning at the base of Juniper Springs and running right through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness. It empties into Lake George via the Johns river. Juniper Run has been a hot kayaking destination for some time and is ranked one of the top twenty fife canoe runs in America by ReserveAmerica.

Admission Information

Admission to the national park is only five dollars per person. Once inside, the lovely water ways can be reached via the Juniper Springs Recreation Area that opens at eight in the morning. Last launch for kayaking is four to five hours before sunset. The Recreation Area offers kayak rentals, single and tandem, in case you don’t have your own. There are also shuttles available at a rate of ten dollars per person. If you are looking for recommendations, here are reviews of kayaks by Malibu and the foldable Oru Kayak.

To rent a canoe and purchase shuttling service will cost you a package fee of thirty-five dollars. There is also a twenty-dollar deposit for renting, but it’s fully refunded at the kayak’s return. If you’d prefer to save money, there are free carts to help bring your kayak to the water.

Before leaving the Recreation Area, you might want to check out the natural springs that bubble forth from unseen holes in the ground as well as wildlife you might only see here. The area is frequented by deer, bears, turkey, river otters, and American eels. A lovely warm, natural pool can be found in the day use area. There are also campgrounds, if you think you’ll be paddling the run more than once.

Those looking for a good paddle are in for a treat along Juniper Run. Challenging for beginners, the run is just right for those intermediate to advanced kayakers that love a full day on the water. The stream stays shaded for most of its narrow length, and the water stays cool. This is especially nice for those tough maneuvers in such tight quarters. Logs and other such natural damning will take an advanced paddler to work around. Necessary tight steering is one of the most notable features of the run. The beautiful and overwhelming foliage is often so close to the water, that when it falls by force or decay, it tends to block the water way.

Wildlife Delights!

Natural wildlife abounds. From turtles, fish, local birds, and alligators, you’re guaranteed to spot beautiful animals throughout your kayaking adventure. While this is one of the major draws of the kayaking run, it does come with caveats, the most notable of which is no disposable items. Your bags will be checked, and ALL disposable items will be removed, including food wrapping. This persistent attention to keeping human waste from the run has led to some of the most crystal-clear kayaking available in the country.

In addition to the kayaking, Juniper Run offers a myriad of fun out-door activities. Within a short drive is Lake George and an elaborate system of trails suitable for Jeeps and hiking. Hunting and fishing opportunities are also available nearby.

Here’s  a great video that gives you a snippet of what to expect:

Oru Kayak – An Origami Wonder Or A Fluke?

Oru Kayak: World’s First Folding, Origami Kayak…

…. or a folding nightmare?!

In this review, we will be discussing all three Oru kayak models in-depth:

1. Beach LT

2. Bay ST

3. Coast XT

But let’s rewind first…

History of the Oru Kayak & Its Models

The original origami kayak hit the market back in 2013 when Anton Willis, the founder of Oru Kayak and kayaking enthusiast, solved the problem of kayak storage and transportation while giving only a few concessions in terms of structural integrity and handling. His solution took the boating community by storm as it successfully made over $400K on its Kickstarter campaign and again another $500K through an investment offer by Robert Herjavec.

Since then, the company has gone on to make a range of Oru Kayaks in various kayak styles, the Beach LT, Bay ST and the Coast XT 2018, opening up their product to a wider range of kayaking enthusiast’s wants and needs. The lightweight and easily transportable design really does trump the older, solid kayak design in terms of allowing its owner to take their kayak further than ever before without the need of expensive transportation costs.

While the kayak has obviously been very well received, with the Bay ST model even being accepted into the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as an installation, we’ll be looking into the question of whether such a lightweight kayak really can cope with the rough and tumble of real world conditions?

To answer this, we’ll be looking into three key aspects for each of the three Oru kayak models:

  • Handling
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Let’s get started with this Oru kayak review.

As you’d hope to expect with any water transport, all 3 Oru Kayaks can float and handle standard coastline and inland waters in calm and slightly rough conditions. Their lightweight frames also make them easier than a standard kayak to paddle through the water, making the transition from land to water that much more seamless. As any seasoned kayaker should know though, different kayak styles handle differently.

As expected with a foldable lightweight kayak the durability is lower than your standard solid kayak, that being said they are still designed for outdoor activities and have to provide its user with some level of safety, meaning while being lightweight they can still take a punch, just not too many. We’ll discuss their durability in terms of on and off the water.

When you’re spending hours sitting in the same position in a small boat you need to be assured that the comfort of your vessel with sustain the duration of the trip, and that after X amount of hours on water, you won’t find your lower half in agonising pain. However, in this department Oru Kayaks all seem to match up pretty similarly. All Oru Kayaks come with a backrest and legroom able to satisfy over 6ft tall kayakers.

Mini Review of the Oru Kayak Beach LT Model

How does the Beach LT handle?

The easiest of the three, the Beach LT really personifies what an Oru Kayak is, a simply designed foldable kayak suitable for calmer waters. Weighing only 12 pounds, measuring in at 12ft and being the widest of the 3 at 28in, this kayak handles perfectly in its intended environment, offering stability for the less experienced kayakers. Definitely created with a causal experience in mind the handling would suit a newbie but annoy an expert.

Is the Beach LT durable?

On water:

On water this Oru Kayak, similarly to how it was explained in andling’ above, really is designed with calm waters in mind, meaning keep away from rough seas and whitewater. It’ll be able to take an unexpected knock but don’t go testing her limits.

Off water:

All Oru Kayaks promise a 20,000 fold lifespan and generally are made of hard stuff. As long the kayak is being treated as one would expect it can survive the knocks of being taken in and out of storage compartments in vehicles or at home.

Is the Beach LT comfortable?

Being officially the most comfortable of the three, having been designed with the beginner or causal kayaker in mind, this kayak supports a user up to 6ft 6in and a wide variety of body shapes thanks to its wider hull. A comfortable favorite for casual and calm kayaking.

Mini Review of the Oru Kayak Bay ST Model

Does the Bay ST Model handle well?

Slightly thinner than its Beach LT brother at 25in while equaling length at 12ft, the Bay ST is still handledable for newer kayakers but it’s thinner size and smarter design makes it faster and more maneuverable in the hands of a seasoned kayaker. Still better used in calmer waters as the frame does seem to flex while in rough waves or performing an eskimo roll and tracking & gliding issues have been noticed.

Is the Bay ST durable or not?

On water:

Continuing in the Oru style, the Bay ST kayak is durable up to a point. While it handles better than the Beach LT in terms of durability it’s made from the same material and designed with speed and handling in mind.

Keep away from whitewater and large waves.

Off water:

Durable as any of the Oru Kayaks, designed to be packed and moved around with ease with the ability to take unexpected knocks. As long as you don’t throw it in-front of a bus it’ll do fine.

Is the Bay ST comfortable?

Being slightly thinner at 25in and designed for a smaller 6ft 3in person, the comfort level in this kayak is moderate and possibly lacking for its intended design. With modifications to increase comoft levels being available from Oru they may turn out to be a necessity if one intends to spend a prolonged period out on the water.

Mini Oru Kayak Coast XT 2018 Review

Does the Coast XT 2018 handle well?

Being the longest at 16ft and with a width to match the Bay ST at 25in, the Coast XT 2018 wins by a mile in terms of on water handling in the right hands. Being officially designed for ugged expeditions’, the latest Oru Kayak tracks and glides better than it’s older counterparts and seems to be able to handle rougher waters. Able to achieve high speeds due to its updated design this kayak handles perfectly in the hands of a seasoned kayaker.

Is the Coast XT 2018 durable?

On water:

Having been designed to be capable of erious expeditions’ according to their website, the Coast XT 2018 has been designed to be and is the most durable of the Oru Kayak range. Able to knock and slide over rocks without fault guaranteed for 1 year, this Kayak offers the most in on water durability.

Off water:

Weighing in at 36 pounds, the heaviest of all three also comes with being the most durable. As expected, with increased on water durability comes increased off water durability within reason. Still guaranteed 20,000 folds, the Coast XT 2018 is the most durable to the series.

Is the Coast XT 2018 comfortable for long rides?

Designed with intent, the Coast XT 2018 is made for more extreme conditions and so while comfort plays a role, doesn’t and shouldn’t take centre stage. Similar to the Beach LT, it’s been designed for a 6ft 6in person giving plenty of legroom to stretch out in.

Opening up the water to a wider range of people has never been easier thanks to Oru Kayak’s intelligent design. While the kayaks may not always handle like their sturdier fully molded counterparts, they offer varying degrees of casual water fun to serious explorative possibilities. Essentiality, these kayaks can handle real world conditions and while lacking in durability, and so incur a greater need for awareness of one’s surroundings, if used correctly and sensibly these kayaks can offer a real solution to the kayak transportation and storage problem.

Oru Kayak Review Summary: Should You Buy The Oru Kayak?

Not only do you have this question that you have to answer for yourself, but then you have to decide which Oru kayak model will serve your needs well. The Oru kayaks are known for their durability, comfort, and most of all, the fact that they can save you tons of space and hassle that hard, normal kayaks come with.

Even though this is a single person kayak, it’s quite a unique one and we thought it may serve your needs well.

Point 65 Tequila Kayak – Effortless & Comfortable Modular Kayak?

tequila gtx tandem

The Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak (also referred to as Point 65 Tequila Kayak) is the new revolutionary kayak from master creator Point 65N Modular Kayaks.  Such kayaks are known as modular kayaks: they not only save space, but are very easy to carry, which makes them a beloved product for any kayaker.

The Point 65 Tequila Kayak is the perfect kayak for the modern,  packing in a lot of useful features and being a bestseller in its category. This is the perfect kayak, whether you are out to relax, fish, or exercise.

With that said, welcome to our Point 65 Tequila Kayak review:

Quick Overview of the Point 65 Tequila Kayak

The tandem Point 65 Tequila Kayak is the perfect combination of form and function. It features a Snap-Tap modular system which allows you to just snap parts together to transform them all into a full kayak.

If you have company, then simply attach the extra mid-section seat, all in a matter of seconds. It is the ideal mix of simplicity, comfort and style. The Point 65 Tequila Kayak also features a new tracking keel which keeps it in a straight line while paddling.

people enjoying point 65 tequila gtx modular kayaks

The Point 65 Tequila Kayak is a strong, high-performance, and stable sit-on-top kayak. It has been specifically crafted for stability, durability, high maneuverability and great tracking.

The6Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak features an open cockpit with super comfortable AIR seats, which can be adjusted using the pneumatically adjustable backrest. It also features good rear storage with excellent drainage. Hence, it is one of the best kayaks in its category available on the market.

Is The Point 65 Tequila Kayak Construction Safe For a Modular Kayak?

The modular tandem Point 65 Tequila Kayak has been carefully crafted from ultra durable UV-resistant polyethylene plastic, so it is very lightweight and will resist fading, scratches and marks. Constructed in a modular fashion using the patented Snap-Tap system, this kayak allows the user to customize it in a way that is suitable to their needs.

The user can take all the pieces apart and store it in a considerably smaller space. When needed, the user can just snap the front and rear pieces together and the kayak is ready for use in a matter of seconds.

modular pieces of the tequila point 65

Moreover, if you have company, you can attach the extra mid-section which allows two riders to ride in tandem. It also features the super-comfortable AIR seats which come with a pneumatically adjustable padded backrest. This makes using the modular Point 65 Tequila Kayak for long hours a very comfortable experience.

There are four step foot rests so that anyone, whether tall or short, can enjoy it without any problem. The Point 65 Tequila Kayak has drainage holes in the foot rests, in the seat and in the storage well, which help a lot to keep you and your gear dry.

What Makes The Point 65 Tequila Kayak Special?

The patented Snap-Tap system makes the Point 65 Tequila kayak very special, because you can disassemble it and keep it in a box for storage. It also allows you to carry it with great ease down to the water by way of integrated carrying handles. This modular kayak can be assembled it in a matter of seconds, which is a very special feature if you are eager to start paddling.

The innovative and ultra-comfortable AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrests ensure that you enjoy your time on the water with ease for long hours without hurting your back. The Point 65 Tequila, because of its spectacular design, can work quite effectively on a lake, river and even on the open ocean.

Is There Ample Storage In The Point65 Tequila Modular Kayak?

The Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak provides ample storage for all of your gear. The storage well  is spacious enough and the drainage holes keep everything dry. You would be able to fit your backpack and a couple of extra clothes in it without any trouble. Point 65 Tequila Kayak comes rigged with a shock proof cable which ensures that your gear/personal belongings won’t fall out. It also features cup holders, a recess for a water bottle,  and a paddle park.

Storing this modular kayak is very easy for everyone. It’s so compact, once disassembled, that you can keep it in a closet without any trouble. Also, since it is very lightweight, there should be no difficulty in transferring it from one place to another in a car.


  • Snap-Tap modular system makes it very easy to store and assemble
  • Easy transition between solo or tandem combination
  • Ultra-comfortable AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrests make for a very comfortable paddling experience
  • Point 65 Tequila Kayak is lightweight, durable and very sturdy
  • Great stability, tracking and high-performance
  • 4 step footrests which accommodates people of all heights
  • Works well on river, lake and other bodies of water


  • The cost of the Point 65 Tequila Kayak is a bit more than a non-modular kayak

Should You Purchase the Point 65 Tequila Kayak?

All in all, the Tequila GTX Modular Tandem Kayak is the perfect kayak to use in any situation, customized to almost all uses. It is easy to carry, comfortable, sturdy and durable.

Overall, the Point 65 Tequila Kayak is one modular kayak that cannot be easily beat!  Hopefully our Point 65 Tequila Kayak review covers everything but if you have questions, contact us ?

Ultimate Relaxation With Hobie Mirage Island Sailing?

Have we mentioned how much we love Hobie kayak offering such as the Hobie Mirage Kayak? Since it is Memorial Weekend, we looked up some relaxing activities but once you’re on YouTube, it’s hard not to check out videos related to… well, water sports.

So we came across some amazing Hobie sailing ones with people showing off their Hobie Mirage Islands:

How amazing and fun does this look, navigating the ocean in one of these?